WHMCS a anunțat lansarea versiunii 5.3.9 a programului de management al clientilor de web-hosting.

This update includes significant changes to IP detection logic in conjunction with the use of proxies. If using services such as CloudFlare, or any other similar public or private proxy service, to proxy traffic to your WHMCS installation, you will need to perform additional steps post upgrading in order to keep IP detection functioning correctly. If in any doubt, we urge you to read the Release Notes here or contact our support team for further information prior to updating.

The update includes a significant update to the low-level cryptographic routines used for admin authentication. These changes will affect any 3rd-party integration which directly accesses the admin user database table; they should not have an observable impact on installations otherwise. Further details can be found in the Release Notes here.

The update brings End Of Life for the Ensim server module as well as the E-Gold and PayOffline gateway modules. Please read the Release Noes here if you are actively using those modules.

Mai multe detalii de instalare sau upgrade veți găsi pe blogul WHMCS.